Why SEMCompare?

iNET Interactive owns and operates SEMCompare  along with a network of vertically-focused  internet   professional websites and online communities.  Our network consists of four (4) business verticals focused on Online Marketing Professionals (Search Marketing, Online Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing), Internet Services Professionals (Web Hosting, Domains), Web Development Professionals, and Computer Hardware and Software Professionals.  Our advantage that benefits you is that we have a robust network of internet technology professionals that we can engage grow your business.

Helping Your Business Staff Projects

Our advanced lead generation platform provides a simple, easy to use process to attract top-notch online marketing experts. Submitting a project for expert quotes on SEMCompare is free.

Helping Experts Find Projects

Joining SEMCompare is free and once an expert joins SEMCompare, we filter projects based on a number of criteria to ensure that leads are competitively priced and reliably filtered from spam.

SEMCompare Testimonial

“”“Webrageous has been using the lead service from SEM Compare for over a year now with great results. SEM Compare is our number 1 source of quality leads and has helped Webrageous grow tremendously over the past year. Our best lead from SEM Compare has already generated us $54,980 in revenues in our 1st year with the client! We will definitely continue to use this service!”

David Chapman President, Webrageous Studios